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How to build local links – Greg’s presentation from LocalU

In this week’s episode, Greg shares his entire presentation from LocalU in Dallas, the most advanced Local SEO conference in the industry. Learn in-depth strategies and tactics for building powerful local links to your site, as well as a detailed walkthrough of the actual link building process.

Suds & Search 160 | Ryan Jones, Marketing Manager at SEOtesting

My guest on this weeks episode of Suds & Search is Ryan Jones, Marketing Manager at SEOtesting.

Ryan is a veteran digital marketer, blogger, conference presenter, and a must-follow on social media. He has a wide breadth of SEO experience working in-house and agency side. Ryan recently started a role at SEOtesting, a SEO tool suite designed to make SEO testing and reporting easier and less time-consuming.

Digital Marketing Tips From Brighton SEO

In this week’s episode, I share some awesome digital marketing tips from some of the speakers and experts at Brighton SEO a few weeks ago. The top minds in digital marketing have shared some amazing tips that will help you excel at SEO and digital marketing – check them out:

Suds & Search 159 | Chris Long, VP of Marketing at Go Fish Digital

My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Chris Long, VP of Marketing at Go Fish Digital.

Chris is an in-demand conference presenter, blogger, and must-follow on social media. Chris has spoken at Mozcon, SMX, State of Search, Digital Summit, and many other places. I’m a big fan of the helpful 60-second videos Chris posts on his Twitter account. The content is really good and easily digestible.

I’m going to chat with Chris about ChatGPT and the myriad ways it is changing our industry. How are Chris and his team using this emerging technology? Stay tuned to find out.

Tips for Building Awesome Local Links

In this week’s video, Greg shares some awesome tips for building powerful local links that Google’s local algorithm will love. Links have always been an incredibly weighted ranking factor, but Google’s local algorithm evaluates links differently from the traditional algorithm – which means you need to use different strategies and tactics to earn links. Check out this awesome list of strategies and tactics:

Suds & Search 157 | Adam Proehl, Founder and Principal Consultant at NordicClick Interactive

Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Adam Proehl, Founder and Principal Consultant at NordicClick Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Adam has over two decades of digital marketing experience. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events including Pubcon, SMX, Digital Summit, and many other places. He has been a judge for the Interactive Marketing Awards, and he is a frequent blogger. You can find some of his writing at Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

Google Business Profile Quick Tips & Tactics: How to Bury Bad Reviews

Customer reviews are incredibly important – they’re a major factor in the local algorithm, according to the LSRF, but more importantly, they’re a trust signal to humans. If you have more reviews and a better score than your local competitors, it’s likely that you’re going to get more customers.

Think about what you do when you shop on Amazon or check out other businesses. You start by glancing at the reviews as you click the filter or sort button, and then you look at either the best reviews or the worst reviews. That default sort is the kicker though – if you’re looking at a local business and one of those top reviews is a bad one, you’re definitely going to read it.