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What’s going on with SearchLab at NADA 2024


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week’s episode is a bit different, because we’re on our way to the NADA convention in Las Vegas…

I’m actually flying out to Vegas tomorrow, since I’m presenting a workshop session on Thursday afternoon, so let’s start there. Pretty much every SEO session you’ve ever heard at an automotive conference – mine included – simply share commonly agreed upon best practices. I wanted to do something different this time and prove what works with actual data, so in my workshop sessions at 4 on Thursday and 1 on Saturday, I’m sharing the results of our 2-year study on over 3,000 dealership Google Business Profiles along with the results of over 1,000 SEO audits on dealership websites. If you’re coming out to Las Vegas for NADA, you definitely don’t want to miss my session.

We’ve also got a classroom section added on to our booth this year, and Dane Saville and I will be presenting short 20 minute educational sessions exclusively at our booth. If you’d like to reserve a seat for one of the sessions, go to bit.ly/booth-sessions and click one of the reservation links.

Today’s also the last day you can take advantage of our free money demo offer. If you pre-schedule a demo at our booth, then show up at your scheduled time and do the demo, we’ll give you $100 cash on the spot. Even better, if you end up signing up for SEO or PPC before the show is over, we’ll give you $500 cash. It’s the safest and easiest money in Vegas, so head over to searchlab.com/nada2024 to schedule a demo time.

We’re also going to have a magician at our booth performing some amazing tricks. We used the same guy last year, and he’s seriously mind-blowing – so be sure to stop by and check him out.

And if you’re already working with us, make sure you come by to say hi! Dane and I will be there the entire weekend and we’d love to catch up with you.

Our booth is 6929N, in the north hall. We’re right on the main aisle that leads to the keynote stage, so we’ll be super easy to find. I hope to see you this weekend!

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Tips for Car Dealers: NADA 2023

This week, we’ve got some awesome tips to share with you from some of the experts and vendors at the National Auto Dealers Association conference a few weeks ago.

SearchLab was in Dallas at the end of January for the 2023 NADA convention, and once again, we went around and collected helpful tips from vendors and experts. We’ve got some awesome tips this year, so let’s get right to them!

Come See SearchLab at NADA in Dallas

This week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays is short since we’re prepping for the National Auto Dealers Association conference in Dallas this weekend. In fact, that’s what this week’s episode is all about!

NADA is the largest conference for car dealers each year, and we’re super excited to let you know what’s going on with SearchLab at the event. We’ll be at booth 5515 with a bunch of the team in tow, and we’ll have a magician at the booth performing sleight-of-hand tricks all weekend – because digital marketing isn’t magic… it’s science.

Greg’s Local SEO Presentation from David Kain’s Conference

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, we’re sharing Greg’s slides from the recent Kain Automotive conference in Lexington, Kentucky.

A few weeks back, Greg got to head back to Lexington for one of our favorite automotive events of the year – David Kain’s clients and friends workshop. It’s always a killer conference, but this time he really upped the bar. The first night, we got to tour the Castle and Key bourbon distillery, and the second afternoon we got to head out to the horse races.

But also, there were some amazing conference presentations, and as always, we wanted to share Greg’s here in this week’s video…
So here we go – it’s about half an hour, but it’s packed with a ton of awesome tips, so enjoy!

Suds and Search 91 | Andrew Optimisey, founder of Optimisey

Also available as a Podcast:

My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Andrew Optimisey, SEO Consultant and Founder of Optimisey, an SEO Consultancy located in Cambridge. Andrew is a digital marketing veteran with almost two decades of experience. He is the host of a series of popular free meet-ups.

Andrew is also a popular podcast guest, a webinar host, and a must-follow on social media. He appears on many “best-of” lists including Search Engine Journal’s list of the Top SEO Experts You Should be Following.

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