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Suds & Search 148 | Kyle Roof, Lead SEO at High Voltage

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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Kyle Roof, Lead SEO at High Voltage, Inventor of PageOptimizer Pro, and Co-founder & SEO Instructor at Internet Marketing Gold.

Kyle is a veteran digital marketer and frequent conference presenter. A few places you might’ve heard him speak include, inOrbit, SEOcon, Chiang Mai SEO Conference, and many other places.

Greg’s SEO Presentation: Too Extreme for NADA

This week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays is a fun one, ‘cause we’re sharing Greg’s slides from the NADA conference this last weekend.

He wasn’t picked to speak at this year’s NADA conference… We’re guessing it’s because last year, he talked about how the manufacturer-approved vendor system is hopelessly broken and doesn’t actually benefit any car dealers.

So this year, we set up a classroom section at the back of our booth, and he did a presentation anyway. He shared some awesome new data from SEO audits of almost 700 dealership websites, so there’s new stuff he’s never talked about before.

This week’s episode is a bit longer than usual, but we’re gonna try to get through it quickly… So here we go!

Come See SearchLab at NADA in Dallas

This week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays is short since we’re prepping for the National Auto Dealers Association conference in Dallas this weekend. In fact, that’s what this week’s episode is all about!

NADA is the largest conference for car dealers each year, and we’re super excited to let you know what’s going on with SearchLab at the event. We’ll be at booth 5515 with a bunch of the team in tow, and we’ll have a magician at the booth performing sleight-of-hand tricks all weekend – because digital marketing isn’t magic… it’s science.

Greg didn’t get picked to speak this year, so instead, we’ve got a classroom setup at the back of our booth, and he’ll be presenting his SEO presentation that was too extreme for NADA. Make sure you stop by and catch it, or save a spot now! He’s sharing some new info we’ve never talked about before, including data from SEO audits on almost 700 dealership websites.

Mark Irvine, our Director of Paid Media, will also be presenting a PPC-focused session several times at the booth, so you’ll want to check him out as well.

Greg is participating in the live pitch competition on Friday as well. Everyone in the competition gets 2 minutes to talk about their product. Y’all know Greg, so obviously his 2 minutes is going to be a blast to watch. Make sure you’re at the live stage at 10am on Friday!

We’ve got some killer show specials too. There’s still time to pre-book a time to stop by for a demo, and if you show up for the demo, you’ll get a crisp $100 bill. If you end up signing up with SearchLab at the conference, we’ll give you $500 bucks cash… on the spot!

Most importantly, we’ll have everyone there to answer your questions or just chat – so if you’re coming to Dallas this weekend, make sure you come by the booth and say hi!

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Suds & Search 147 | Kenda Macdonald, CEO of Automation Ninjas

Also available as a Podcast:

Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Kenda Macdonald, CEO at Automation Ninjas and Practice Lead for Demand Generation at Marketing Profs.

Kenda is a sought-after conference presenter and frequent keynote speaker. A few places you might’ve heard Kenda speak include inOrbit, BrightonSEO, Unspam, and many, many other places.

Why It’s Important to Have a Local SEO Content Plan

We’ve mentioned it countless times in this video series and probably every time Greg has spoken at a conference for over 10 years – the most important element of any SEO strategy is the content on your site.

At a simple level, if you want to show up as a search result when someone in your local area types in a particular keyword phrase in Google, you’ve got to have a page of content about that concept on your website.

How Long Does SEO Take?

In this week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays, we’re going to answer one of the most common questions in SEO: “How long does SEO take?”

Last week we were in Orlando for our annual leadership retreat, and while we had an awesome time at our Disney team building day, we did spend a bit of time waiting in lines. We tried to ride as many rides as we could in one day, and that time sensitivity sparked the idea for this week’s video.