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Suds and Search 81 | Damon Gochneaur, founder of Aspiro Agency

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Damon Gochneaur, Founder of Aspiro Agency.

Damon is a serial entrepreneur, popular conference presenter, and one of the generally coolest people on the planet. You may have seen Damon and his famous beard at conferences such as Pubcon, State of Search, MKE Search, and Brighton SEO to name a few.

Damon is an engaging personality. He regularly appears on webinars and he is a frequent podcast guest. Damon is an expert on a wide breadth of subjects ranging from Paid Seach, Paid Social, and Local SEO.

Digital marketing tips for 2021: Pubcon Florida

For this week’s video, I grabbed some of the speakers at Pubcon Florida a few weeks ago and had them share digital marketing tips. They shared some amazing tips, covering everything from content to link building to YouTube ads – check it out!

Suds and Search 72 | John Lee, Head of Evangelism at Microsoft Advertising

Also available as a Podcast:

My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is John Lee, Head of Evangelism at Microsoft Advertising.

John is an in-demand speaker, blogger, and content creator on topics related to paid search and paid social. A shortlist of the places you might have heard John present includes Heroconf, State of Search, SMX, and SMX Advanced.

John is an industry veteran. Before joining Microsoft, he worked at several of the top brands in PPC including Wordstream, Hanapan Marketing, and as the co-owner of Clix Marketing.

He’s a really excellent blogger. If you enjoy this episode, I suggest you check out his column over at Search Engine Journal. He was also instrumental in the creation of the popular blog PPCHero.

Earlier this year, Microsoft advertising announced an exciting new ad format for automotive dealers. I start our conversation asking John all about automotive ads, the importance of automotive ads feeds, and he’ll share a few success cases.

It’s also an interesting time in PPC generally. Not only are we coming out of a pandemic but we’re entering a cookieless world with competing pressures on search engines for more privacy and more personalization in ads. John is a perfect guest to help us better understand this what’s coming next.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with John Lee. We’ll talk about planning for the post pandemic world, the role of automation and humans in PPC, and we’ll do a little Microsoft Ads mythbusting towards the end.

Suds and Search 71 | Purna Virji, Senior Content Marketing Evangelist for LinkedIn

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds and Search is Purna Virji, Senior Content Marketing Evangelist for LinkedIn.

Purna is one of the most popular and recognizable personalities in paid media. In 2019, Purna was awarded the U.S. Search Personality of the year. She is a mainstay on PPCHero’s list of the top 25 PPC influencers in the world. In 2016, PPC Hero named Purna the most influential PPC marketer in the world.

Suds and Search 66 | Matt Umbro, Key Account Director at Brainlabs

My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Matt Umbro, Key Account Director at Brainlabs.

Matt is a verteran PPC marketer and one of my favorite bloggers on topics related to paid search and paid social. You can read some of his work at Search Engine Journal, Practical Ecommerce, and PPCHero.

Matt is also an in-demand speaker and conference presenter. You may have heard Matt speak at SMX, Heroconf, State of Search, and Engage.

Google Ads introduces account Monthly Spend Limits

Google Ads Monthly Spend Limits
Google Ads has a lot of exciting new features, insights, and offers plenty of ROI to excite most marketers.  But of course, Google Ads has costs too and fewer marketers get that excited about planning out a budget, and historically Google hasn’t made that process any easier. Where most businesses plan their advertising budgets on a monthly basis, Google Ads complicates this process with its daily budgets on their campaigns. Since 2017, Google Ads further complicated budget management by allowing each campaign to spend up to twice its daily budget on any given day.

So, your monthly advertising budget? Divide that budget into a dozen or so different campaign budgets, then divide each of those budgets by between 28-31 days in a month, and then cross your figures, count the weekends, holidays, and pray that Google hits those budgets consistently without overspending every day. If that math equation has you nervous, then you already know the feeling of managing your PPC at the end of the month as you nearly make or break your budget.

How much does Google Ads cost? [2021 Data]

Search Engine Marketing is essential to every businesses’ success online. For those looking to get quality traffic to their site quickly, Google Ads is an attractive option for many. With Google Ads, you’ve a lot of options to control how much you pay per each click, what traffic you buy, and how much your Google Ads campaigns spend. So, how much does Google Ads cost?

PPC is a large industry – with over 30 million businesses spending over $230 trillion dollars online in 2020. Last year, advertisers spent over $147 trillion on Google Ads, $84 trillion on Facebook Ads, and another $8 Billion dollars with Microsoft. But not all those advertisers are paying the same amount to advertise online.

Suds and Search 59 | Christi Olson, Global Media SEM Team Lead at Microsoft

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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is Christi Olson, Microsoft’s Global Media SEM Team Lead.

Christi is one of the most popular and well-known PPC keynote speakers in the industry. You may have heard Christi present at UnGagged, Content Marketing World, HeroConf, all the different SMX events, Pubcon… Come to think of it, the list of the conference she hasn’t spoken at may be shorter than the ones she has.

Bing introduces new automotive ads

Show the car – that’s the one rule of every car ad that you’ve ever seen on TV or in print. Whether that ad is from the giant OEM, the franchise dealership, or the independent shop down the street, none of your customers are ever going to buy their next car sight-unseen. While the cardinal rule of showing off the cars on your lot dominates nearly all automotive ads – it’s been largely lost on search ads. No matter your PPC budget, 300 characters of text can’t replace the appeal of a hot car on your lot.

Today, Microsoft announced plans to address that challenge and introduced an open beta for Automotive Ads on right on the Bing SERP!

Bing Automotive Ads