In this week’s episode, I’m sharing tips from some of the speakers and experts at Brighton SEO a few weeks ago. Some of these people haven’t made it over to speak in the US yet, so you get to hear some amazing tips from some really smart people you typically wouldn’t get to hear from… Check it out:


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. I was recently over in the UK for the fall version of Brighton SEO, and I’ve got more awesome tips for you from the speakers and experts at the conference!

Fall conference season is in full swing. I’m basically doing a conference ever week in September and October, and as always, I love to grab speakers and experts and collect helpful tips for one of my episodes. It’s always cool to get tips from speakers at European conferences – I get some killer tips from speakers who don’t come over to the US as often. This group of tips is really awesome, check ‘em out:

So, Brighton SEO is the biggest search coverage in Europe, uh, but we’re really excited to be bringing it to the states. So in November, we’re going to San Diego, um, should be about a thousand people coming together to learn about search. We’re real excited and hope a few people will be able to join us out there.

One thing that made me more successful is asking questions, and it means, asking your clients, all the questions, all the time. So don’t feel like you have to know everything, but feel like you have to find out everything.

Uh, my advice for, is uh, to be updated. You know, the world is changing, AI is changing everything, so be updated and look how this can enhance your work, the way in which you are working, and how this can give a good push to your business. And, enjoy.

The hottest tip that I can think of, for everyone in marketing, is that, there is more to life than just one channel. I caught a disaster before it happened, but not before other dis, isasters happened because somebody didn’t think that there was more to life than SEO traffic. So, when you’re doing content audits, or any kind of audit, remember, there’s more to life than just one channel. Look at them all, and you’ll be happier for it.

Hi everybody, my tip is, don’t forget to look for the Google search menu. Especially now that Google present query filters, because that is the best way to understand what have a potential search journey inside Google, that Google is paying attention to. So, use it as it was, people also ask. So you click, go to a new search, click on the filters on the search and so on, so you can see with search journey, with queries, which are’s essentially keywords, and so you can focus on them first, and build a strategy around them.

Hi. Er, all of the you, all of the using it today. Uh, unfortunately, uh, it today isn’t, isn’t really available in Japan, so it’s a second country, so, it could be a game changer. So keep an eye on, keep an eye, how it evolves, and what impact it will have on SEO.

My biggest tip was something that everyone in my talk, said that really helped them, was looking at aligning your SEO goals with your business goals. So making sure you’re speaking to your CEO, your leadership team, and aligning back links with what they want to do to grow the company, or with any metrics that you’ve got because, that way you get really good buy in from them, get us a budget too.

My tip to you is to validate, prioritize, and solve the right problem. You will not have the time or the resources to solve everything, so just, you know, do it smartly.

So, my tip is, join all the spring plannings that you can. Your engineers, your developers, they’re doing things on a slightly different way than you. All your SEO tickets, are not the only things they have to deal with. So, if you join the spring planning, and you know what’s going on, it’ll give you a much better chance for your tickets to get picked up and for all your cool stuff to get done.

My tip for SEO brilliance is to make sure that you’re harnessing the full capacity of your SEO team by working collaboratively and intelligently, it’s one of the reasons why we’ve put together Wix Studio, which has a great backend for helping your team to get great results. I think there’s a lot of people who aren’t working across teams, who aren’t connecting their PPC team with their SEO team, with their digital PR team, and really unlocking that potential can get you great results for your SEO and for your clients.

So, my tip, there’s a lot of tools out there, and I think that a lot of the tools are very, very, reflective of what’s happening out there, they’re reporting tools. Try and look at a tool when you’re analyzing a tool and see if it’s giving you proactive decision-making process that, that you can control, and not have one that is just telling you stats. It’s not just about the stats, it’s what you do next that’s important.

Check out the new H-ref laying cluster visualization tool, and H-ref side audit. It is really cool. It is the first of its kind report, it shows you every connection, and shows you, the missing connections. And you get a table view as well that tells you exactly where we saw all, any issues.

So, the digital marketing tip I’ll give to you, search marketers, people who want to do better for their business. I come from the data side, and the number one thing they’ll say to remember is to be pragmatic, so many people get obsessed with having the most data, or trying to find out, to X level of accuracy, and end up spending more money doing that then they’ll actually every make from it. So, if you can’t track everything, do what you can with the data you can track. And once you’ve done something with that, reinvest and get your data better, rather than trying to go for perfect, and failing to do anything properly.

Before going to GH4 it’s very important that you define what do you want and what do you need to analyze and then go there and set up it the way that you really need so you can get out the most of it. Enjoy.

You might have heard that AI is coming for our jobs, and the content on the web is going to become a dumpster fire. For me, the most important thing is going to be the personality and the personal opinions of the creator of the content. The subject matter expert. So highlight subject matter expertise. The way that I like to do it is, I work with ghostwriters that interview my subject matter experts which increases content velocity massively. Something that’s also like really easy to do, is you can make a little bit of a script for your subject matter experts, about the top tips on the article that they have created for you with their ghostwriter. Where they speak to the camera just like this, and provide users a reason to click. Or, a summary for it. You can reuse that content within your article, or use it for content distribution on social media, and it makes the content much more personable, putting the E-E in E-E-A-T.

My tip is to use the five W’s and the H, in order to write much better prompts for AI. I know that we are all making the most out of AI in SEO, the issue is that the quality is, sadly, bad. Many, many, times and it’s not the fault of the LLM, it’s the fault of how concise we are and how good we are in our prompts, with our prompts. So I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend, to use the five W’s and the H. I have actually created a resource that is completely free, it’s a Google sheet that generates concise prompts, good prompts, uh, using this, this metholology. So, uh, go ahead, take a look, and start writing better prompts and you will get better results.

I have a little tip for people doing PR outreach. Uh, if you are outreaching to a regional journalist, make sure that in your subject line, you include an appropriate reference to that region. Be that the state, so like if you’re going out to the Texas Chronicle, mention Texas, in your subject line. Uh, and similarly, if you’re doing anything hyper local, so like a town or city newspaper, mention that town or city in the subject line to ensure the journalist knows that your press release is relevant and hopefully that will make it more likely that they open your email.

Traditionally, we have always looked at tier one links, like who exactly is linking to us, but you need to go beyond that. You need to actu, actually look at tier two, and tier three, and maybe higher than that. Look and see who is not just linking to you, but look at the links from other websites that are linking to the site that is linking to you. That would be tier two links. Once you start to look at that, you can start to see potential problems, like potential blog networks or even on the opposite side, look at, even, be, find better links that you can get, because those authority links are linking to one site that then is linking to you. You can also get those higher authority links that way.

So, the magic tips. Um, there’s a few things that are important. We would recommend people to start getting set up on Apple business connect. Start using the amazing features, start using the showcases. Compliment your profile, upload a few photos. Get started, for those that have an app, you can actually link to your app in the iStore. Which is pretty cool.

Um, another tip um, is uh, if you want to get started, you have a multi-location business, go to our website, G-M-B-A-P-I dot com. If you share access with your, to a location group, we will give you a fully-fletched overview of your multi-location business in 15 minutes, and you can start posting, uploading photos. You can start using reputation management, uh, all for free, without commitment, without uploading a credit card.

Um, and the third tip, uh um, third tip’s probably around, uh, uh, um testing. So, uh, do test things. Uh, we have a very simple methodology for uh, multi-location testing, uh, based on a, uh, uh, uh, two, two location groups, you upload a label, uh test group, and control group, and you compare the amount of uh, uh impressions, the relative sh, share of the impressions, for test versus control, which really gives you a good idea whether there is an impact of your latest, uh, uh, um, optimization on the relative share of impressions versus the control group.

So, might give you some ammunition. Eh, it doesn’t mean, you can’t measure everything, some, some things have no, uh, have, have no impact but still make sense to do. But it’s a nice way to, to, not depend on your gut feeling. Uh, those are my three tips, uh, good luck.

Uh, my big tip is to update all of your attributes, as many as you can, on your Google business profile. Whether it’s wheelchair friendly, whether it’s booking links, whatever it is, update all of them, it’s a huge conversion factor, a huge ranking factor, you will end up thanking me.

Thanks for sticking around to watch all of the tips. That’s definitely all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode, so you know what that means.
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