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People in your area are searching for your product or service. They want what you’re selling. There’s more traffic potential from Google search (both organic and paid) than every other channel put together. What are you doing to get that traffic?

Why isn’t your website dominating local search results?

SearchLab Local SEO

We help local businesses grow

We’re experts in Local SEO (so you don’t have to be)

If you’re a business with a physical location, or you serve customers in a particular geographic location, you need Local SEO. Google’s local algorithm evaluates additional signals that regular SEO doesn’t include. If you want to grow your business, you need to be at the top of local search results, and Local SEO is how you get there.

Local digital marketing isn’t just our specialty, it’s all we do. Our SEO team is trained and lead by Greg Gifford, one of the world’s top Local SEO experts. There’s no secret to what we do – We get better results for our clients because we know more and we do more.

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SearchLab PPC

We know pay-to-play too…

Lock in high visibility with localized paid search

PPC ads dominate the top of search results in today’s market. Paid search traffic is highly focused and much more likely to purchase. If you want to compete and grow your business, you have to pay to play.

We approach PPC exactly like we do SEO – our clients get better results because we know more and do more. Forget the other guys who use software to run your paid search campaigns. At SearchLab, you’ll have a human monitoring your account and making manual adjustments on a daily basis.

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SearchLab Training

Want to learn more about Local SEO?

Personalized Local SEO training is like a cheat code for Google

We provide world class Local SEO training for businesses or marketing agencies of any size. Whether you’re a solo business owner who wants to learn more, a business with an in-house marketing team, or an agency who wants to up its Local SEO game, our customized Local SEO training will take your game to the next level. Our Vice President of Search Greg Gifford speaks at conferences all over the world, and trained hundreds of business owners and marketers on Local SEO.

If you’re looking for consulting, our team can put together a bespoke consulting package to fit any needs. Regardless of the size of your business or the requirements for your project, our team of expert local marketers can help you blow past your goals.

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