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SearchLab works with small and medium-sized locally-based businesses. That’s our focus – it’s literally all we do. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges these businesses face allows us to specialize in solving their specific needs.

Our PPC solutions are borne out of a desire to offer SMBs a top-tier service offering with a boutique level of attention and personal care.

Customized solutions instead of assembly lines

SearchLab offers a full suite of PPC and paid media services designed to deliver a positive return on investment. Each campaign is designed with our client’s unique needs in mind. Each client needs a different blend of paid search, paid social, and paid media services. Our recommendations are based on the unique needs of the client.

We target your local audience with the right channels

Return on ad spend is the metric that matters

Managing ad spend on behalf of our clients is a responsibility we take very seriously. We develop campaigns with one thing in mind: increase return on ad spend. That means our goal is the opposite of most agencies – we want to help you decrease your spend over time. When we get you more leads that are higher quality for less money, you’re a happy partner.

Our decisions are driven by hard data

We love data. Seriously, we’re total data nerds. We use proven strategies to drive our clients’ campaigns, but data allows us to adapt and improve. In our eyes, a campaign is successful if the data supports a strong return on ad spend.

We’re committed to transparency

Transparency is essential for a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnership. We understand that search marketing can be confusing, and most agencies don’t do much to help ease that confusion. WE take a different approach – we WANT to make things easier to understand. We provide highly transparent reports that provide actual analysis, so you know how our efforts are helping your business grow. We’ll share your report on a monthly strategy call to explain what the metrics really mean and how they impact your bottom line. Everything we do — from internal policies to reporting to client communication — revolves around offering more information to our clients.

PPC and SEO work hand in hand

While you can certainly choose to hire SearchLab for PPC services only, our SEO and PPC teams work collaboratively. Data is shared between the two teams, which produces even better outcomes for clients. Strategy is driven in collaboration, so there’s no wasted spend on keywords you’re already dominating in organic results. Reporting is streamlined in Google Data Studio so clients are able to view the entire project in one report.

Run by humans, not bots

Unlike other agencies who let software monitor and optimize PPC campaigns, our campaigns are managed by actual humans. A highly trained consultant touches your account on a daily basis and handles all the adjustments and optimizations. We are fundamentally opposed to “set-it-and-forget-it” automation – it simply doesn’t provide the same level of results. Even better – we don’t have account managers – you communicate directly with the consultant responsible for your campaign.

Our low client to consultant ratio means better results

Most agencies overload their PPC consultants with over 100 accounts. We limit our consultants to 30 clients, because we know the high level of service we’re promising takes time. Fewer clients means more time per client, and more time per client means better results. Our average PPC client stays with us for two and a half years (and we’ve only been in business since 2017) because we make long-term decisions focused on ROI, not short-term profit gouging.

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