Network Solutions provides an easy way to assign technical management to your domain.

Technical management of your domain may be assigned to anyone via an email address, Network Solutions ID or NIC number.

Before assigning permissions, you should understand the capabilities and restrictions by viewing the Account Contact Permission Chart.

Step 1

Login:Login to Network Solutions Account Manager and click on, “Manage Account”.

Add technical contact to Network Solutions accountNetwork Solutions login

Step 2

Account Settings / Accounts and Contacts: Under the Account Settings tab,  click on, “Accounts and Contacts”.

Account settings tab

Step 3

People Who Can Access This Account: Scroll down to the section titled, “People Who Can Access This Account and click on, “Edit Account Contacts”.

People who can access this account.

Step 4

Edit Account Contacts: Click on the link, “Add new Account Administrative or Technical Contact”

Add new account technical contact.

Step 5

Add/Edit Contact: Select the radio button option that best matches your situation, add the appropriate user information and click, “Continue”.


Select “E-mail address”
Enter: [email protected]
Click on “Continue”

Add contact options

Step 6

Profiles & Accounts: Select the radio button option, “Account Technical Contact” and click, “Go”.

Edit account contacts.

Step 7

View Accounts List: That’s it! A New User Invitation will be sent to us, and we may begin helping you with your domain management.