Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, we’ve got a cool tip to share with you that will help you when you’re reading a business’ reviews on Google.

We need to send a shoutout to our buddy Darren Shaw from Whitespark for pointing this out a few weeks ago. It’s a cool little trick, so we had to share it with you.

Have you ever wanted to search a business’ reviews for particular topics? Like, if you’re looking for a restaurant and you want to see what people say about the fish tacos? Or you’re looking for a brewery and you want to see what people think about the IPA on tap?

For today’s example, let’s say we’re thinking about buying a truck from the local Ford dealership. We’re going to show you how you can search through all the reviews.

When you click on the review link, it pops up a window that lets you see the reviews. You can only sort by newest, best, or worst reviews, and then it offers a few keyword categories you can click.

But if you search for the business on Google Maps, and then click the review link… check it out! There’s a search icon. If you click it, you can enter a phrase, and when you hit enter, it only shows reviews that contain that phrase!

Pretty awesome, right? We know that keywords in reviews can help a business get better visibility in searches for those phrases, and this makes it super easy to check yourself or your competitors to see how customers are writing reviews!

That’s all the time we’ve got for this week, but before we go, we need to wish Greg’s awesome wife a very happy birthday. Today’s her actual birthday, so we had to give her a shout out.

Also – if you’re in the automotive industry, make sure you check back and watch next week’s episode. We’ve got an absolutely huge announcement to make next week… You definitely don’t want to miss it!