In this week’s video, I collected tips from some of the experts and speakers at Barbados SEO. It’s a pretty stellar list of tips, and since I shot the videos from the rooftop bar on the beach, the views are amazing…


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week’s video is my last tip compilation of 2023. It’s tips from some of the speakers and experts at Barbados SEO.

I spoke at 25 conferences this year, and I ended the year in style at Barbados SEO. My last conference last year was in Bali, so it looks like I’m starting a trend of doing the last conference on an island somewhere. It was a great way to end the conference season, and I even got to swim with sea turtles.

Ridiculously awesome. Right? This guy swim up me and stayed at about an arms length away for a few minutes. It was super cool. But anyway, as always, I grabbed some of the speakers and experts and had them share tips for this week’s video. Check them out.:

My tip would be use this opportunity. You’ve got a recession coming up. Learn something new. Work out where the gaps are. Work out where you can learn something that maybe other people haven’t got as much knowledge in there and you can become an expert in that in that area. Build that deep knowledge in some key areas and start talking about that online. And build your credibility. This will help build your personal brand and really help you, in the coming years.

I think the tip is you need to rewrite your job description. So your actual job is basically waking up every day and preparing yourself to get punched in the face. And enjoying getting punched in the face and then getting up and moving on. And if you can make that your job description, you will do amazingly. Good luck.

Hi, everybody. My tip is if you’re doing e commerce SEO, you need to be checking real mobile results to look for the new merchant center shopping packs that are popping in to search results all over the place. They link to the product knowledge graph rather than a webpage, and then they might get you to a webpage. So they can take clicks away, but it’s still a good idea to be there. And They’re not just appearing once in a search result or a mobile search result. They’re appearing sometimes two and three times. And that’s a pack of them. So sometimes a pack of four or a pack of six or a pack of nine. And all of those things aren’t showing up in your search console. They’re probably not showing up in SEMrush or any of the other tools. You actually need to look at the result.

My tip, especially for SEO in 2024, is to if you have any product pages, For example, if you’re an e commerce or marketplace, put a lot of focus on your PDPs, product pages rather than POPs. I know that for a long long time, we have been focusing on POPs because they target middle of the funeral, commercial queries that are have a high search volume, good potential from a transactional standpoint. But with the SGE from Google, if they release it, In a similar way that they are testing it right now, a lot of the traffic will go to the PDPs directly and less so to the PLP. So put a lot of focus on your PDP piece.

Okay. So my number one tip for anyone in digital marketing Is before you even open a keyword research tool before you even start creating content before you start planning social media posts is to research your audience. And by research, I mean, look at quantitative and quantitative data. Have a look in forums to find out what questions they’re asking for and what needs they need met. But on top of that, maybe get some data in terms of their age demographics just to give that wide wide context to give that to give the content you create, the best foundation possible.

Have you ever gotten stuck writing that first line of content? Yep. Me too. Write’s block is so common. A really great tip to overcome that is to start with a “have you ever” statement because that instantly makes your content relatable, helpful, and friendly to your audience. And the key is to find something that is very highly applicable to your audience in in a way that will get them nodding along to be like, oh, yeah. That sounds like me. And that will help you create high impact content marketing.

I would say my biggest biggest tip would be consistency, consistency, consistency, if you’re posting content, if you’re writing blog posts, you’re giving tips, if you’re doing anything in the digital marketing world, whatever you do, be consistent. Don’t give up. If you’re not getting the views or you’re not getting anything that kind of think you want to get, just keep going and be consistent because your audience will come and they will be bit built if you just keep being consistent.

My tip for today probably would be about a hreflang. If you’re gonna go international, it needs to be about more than just TLDs and try the spelling thing, you actually need to think about hreflang. Now I know hreflang seems really complicated, and you have to do a lot of manual work. And we hate manual work in this industry, but you’ll love it. You will absolutely fall in love with hreflang just like I have. And you will appreciate ranking the right page in the right country for the right language.

My tip is never to listen to anything Greg Gifford says.

So, obviously, Jenny won’t be on any of my videos again. That’s all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode. So you know what that means? Put your hand on the screen right here. We totally just high five ’cause you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of Local Search Tuesdays.