In this week’s video, I explain how to optimize your Google Business Profile landing page – the page that your GBP website button points to on your website. For single-location businesses, that’s the home page of the site. For multi-location businesses, the landing page will be the individual location page for that specific location.


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays – the first episode of 2024! This week, I’ve got a quick optimization tip to share that will help you get more visibility in local searches.

This week, we’re talking bout website optimization, but specifically tying it to your Gooogle Business Profile. It’s incredibly important to optimize your GBP landing page correctly – that’s the page that the “website” button links to on your site from your Google Business Profile.

For single-location businesses, your GBP landing page is your home page. For multi-location businesses, your GBP website button should point to the individual location page for that specific location.

To maximize effectiveness and visibility, your GBP landing page should be optimized for your most important money keyword phrase and city. Think about all the keywords you’re trying to rank – all of the phrases and concepts that matter to your business. If you look at the list, there should be a clear winner; a purchase-intent phrase that will bring you the most conversions and sales if you rank well.

That’s the phrase that you should optimize around on your GBP landing page, along with the city you’re targeting. In most cases, that’s the city you’re actually located in. In some rare occurrences, that could be a different city. For example, if you’re in the suburbs, but you’re optimizing for the main metropolitan area, it might be the main metro city.

Take a look at your GBP landing page – most likely your home page. The title tag, H1 heading, page content, and image alt text should all be optimized around that money keyword phrase and city. It’s helpful to include the keyword and city in the meta description as well. The meta description doesn’t influence ranking, but since it populates those grey sentences under your blue link in search results, including the keyword and city can help you get more clickthroughs to your website.

So that’s how you need to optimize your Google Business Profile landing page on your site. That’s all the time we’ve got left for this week’s episode, so you know what that means.
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