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Come see SearchLab at NADA

SearchLab is heading to the National Automobile Dealers Association convention this weekend, so we’re sharing all the details in this week’s video. We’ll be at booth 5129W, so if you’ll be out in Vegas, make sure you stop by and say hi! I’ll also be presenting an educational workshop on Thursday at 2:30, so come check it out if you want to hear the latest and greatest on SEO.

Suds and Search 102 | Zeph Snapp, CEO and Founder of Altura Interactive

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Zeph Snapp, CEO and Founder at Altura Interactive.

Zeph is a veteran digital marketer and an in-demand conference presenter. A few places you might’ve heard him speak include MozCon, Content Marketing World, and Pubcon.

He’s also an excellent writer. If you like this interview check out Zeph’s column at Search Engine Journal.

Altura offers a really interesting service. They provide Spanish digital marketing to international brands. Usually, these brands are growing from the United States into Latin America and need digital marketing expertise along the way.

I can tell you from experience that it’s hard enough to know SEO in one language. Zeph’s agency has a bigger burden. They have to be good at SEO, which is interesting enough, but they also have to overcome communication challenges with stakeholders speaking different languages, they have to be mindful of a zillion little regional language nuances when creating and optimizing content, and there are SEO implications with each decision that they make.

It’s a fascinating topic and Zeph is an entertaining and engaging guest to take us through it all.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Zeph Snapp. We’ll talk about how to avoid disaster when launching a website internationally, he’ll explain the difference between translation and transcreation, and we’ll spend a little time talking about MozCon shenanigans.

How to get help on the Google Business Profile Forum

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing an important tip that will help you get assistance with any problems or issues with your Google Business Profile. Support is notoriously slow (and sometimes not very helpful), so it’s much better to post on the Google Business Profile forum – but there’s a bug in the system that sometimes filters out posts. This week’s video explains how to be sure you’re sharing enough detail to get help without tripping the spam filter.

Suds and Search 101 | Jake Bohall, Co-founder of Hive Digital

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Jake Bohall, Co-founder of Hive Digital.

Jake is a veteran digital marketer, serial entrepreneur, and popular conference presenter. In 2020, Jake’s agency Hive Digital won two awards at the US Search Awards. They won the award for Best Small SEO Agency and Best SEO Campaign.

Suds and Search 100 | Aaron Levy, VP of Paid Search at Tinuiti

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Aaron Levy, Vice President of Paid Search at Tinuiti.

Aaron is one of the most popular and influential PPC experts in the world. He is a mainstay on PPC Hero’s list of the top 25 PPC experts in the world. He’s a talented presenter who has spoken at numerous conferences including HeroConf, SMX, the Utah DMC Conference, and the Paid Search Association conference.

Aaron’s also a terrific blogger who’s been published in Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. He frequently appears on podcasts and webinars.

How to beat the GBP Q&A bug and answer a question as the business

In this week’s video, I explain how to get around the frustrating GBP bug that doesn’t let manager accounts answer questions in the Q&A section and be labeled as the business. It’s incredibly important for answers coming from the business to be labeled correctly, so watch this week’s episode to see how to do it.

Suds and Search 99 | Ryan Jones, Vice President of SEO at Razorfish

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Ryan Jones, Vice President of SEO at Razorfish. Ryan is a computer programmer turned digital marketer. In his role at Razorfish, Ryan oversees an international SEO team running campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.

He is also a popular conference presenter. A shortlist of the conferences Ryan has presented at includes Pubcon, SMX, State of Search, and UnGagged.

I begin our conversation talking about his presentation at Pubcon Florida last Spring. The speech was based on research Ryan did with Eric Enge in partnership with BrightEdge. The presentation starts by showing the myriad ways that enhanced search features are expanding. For SEO professionals who look at SERPs every day, the pace of change can be dizzying.

Suds and Search 98 | Michelle Robbins, Senior Director of Data and Analytics for Clearlink

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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Michelle Robbins, Senior Director for Data and Analytics at Clearlink. Michelle is a veteran digital marketer, product developer, software engineer, and marketing technology executive.

Prior to joining the team at Clearlink, Michelle held leadership positions at Aimclear and Third Door Media, the publisher of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and the company that puts on all the SMX events.