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My guests on this week’s episode of Suds & Search are Dave Spannhake and Dane Saville from Reunion Marketing.

Reunion Marketing is an automotive digital marketing agency with specialists in SEO, PPC, and a suite of customized services for dealerships. Dave and Dane both worked together at a large dealer group. In 2015, Dave and Dane were part of a group that founded Reunion Marketing, which has grown steadily since its inception.

Dave is a frequent presenter at major automotive digital marketing conferences including CIADA, Digital Dealer, Kain Automotive Conference, and Driving Sales. Dave is also a frequent columnist and blogger. I’m going to start our conversation by talking about a recent blog post he wrote titled, “For Reunion Marketing, Change Has Always Been the New Normal.

Dane is a popular podcaster and the host of KPI Cafe. He has a really well-rounded suite of skills and has worked in automotive digital marketing for over 10 years.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Dave Spannhake and Dane Saville. We’ll chat about how the chip shortage has impacted digital marketing for car dealers, we’ll talk about why they keep a low client-to-consultant ratio, and we’ll talk about the award Reunion won for the industry’s Most Valuable Insight competition.