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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Alex Alexakis, Founder of PixelChefs.

There’s a recurring topic that comes up on industry blogs and on SEO Twitter – the relationship between SEOs and web developers. Long story short, it’s often a challenging relationship to navigate. SEOs complain that their changes never get implemented. Web developers complain that SEOs are annoying. It’s often a fraught relationship but both pieces have to work in order for a client to experience any kind of success.

Alex’s agency specializes in SEO-focused web design.

In full disclosure, PixelChefs is SearchLab’s preferred agency to work with on website projects. We’ve done dozens of projects together and at least as of this show airing, we’ve never had one of those turf battles. The projects have always gone well.

Alex and his team won two web design awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts at this year’s w3 Awards. He has spoken at industry conferences like Ungagged and CMS Summit. He also frequently appears on podcasts and webinars.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Alex Alexakis. We’ll talk about the SEO advantages of building websites in WordPress, we’ll chat a little about how to manage scope creep in a website project, and I’ll finish up talking to him about 80s toys and scooter riding in LA.