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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds and Search is Purna Virji, Senior Content Marketing Evangelist for LinkedIn.

Purna is one of the most popular and recognizable personalities in paid media. In 2019, Purna was awarded the U.S. Search Personality of the year. She is a mainstay on PPCHero’s list of the top 25 PPC influencers in the world. In 2016, PPC Hero named Purna the most influential PPC marketer in the world.

For many years, Purna served as Microsoft’s brand ambassador to the PPC community. She left that role in the fall of 2020 but stayed in the Microsoft family by joining LinkedIn. I’m going to start our conversation asking her about the transition.

Purna is a leading conference presenter and frequent keynoter. It’s hard to think of a digital marketing conference she hasn’t spoken at. A very, very short list of the conferences you might have heard Purna present includes Pubcon, Brighton, Mozcon, and many of the different SMX events.

I’m going to ask her about a recent presentation she did at inOrbit titled, “Building Breakthrough Content for LinkedIn.” In the talk Purna describes what differentiates a LInkedIn user from users on other platforms and she gives a lot of actionable tips for how to reach this audience.

Purna is also a leading blogger and educator. During her time at Microsoft, she helped prepare a white paper on inclusive marketing titled “Your Get-Started Guide to Inclusive Marketing.” I’m going to ask Purna about the ebook which was truly excellent. After you’re done listening to this interview, there’s a link to the ebook in the show notes.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Purna Virji, one of the leading voices in paid media today. We’ll chat about how to make your content stand out on LinkedIn, a concept called inattentional amnesia, and I’ll also ask Purna about how breaking both her arms changed the way she does searches.