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My guests on this week’s episode of Suds & Search are Garrett French and James Wirth, respectively, the founder and Senior Director at Citation Labs.

For my entire SEO career, the most important ranking signal for SEOs to consider is how to generate links from third party websites. The quest for more links or higher quality links or new link building tactics are all topics that captivate the attention of SEOs on blogs, conference presentations, and podcasts.

Garrett and James are among the world’s leading experts on link building.

Garrett literally co-wrote the book on link building titled “The Ultimate Guide to Link Building.” I’ll start our conversation talking about the book which is a dream for strategists.

Garrett co-wrote the book with the late great Eric Ward, aka Link Moses. We’ll spend some time talking about Eric as well as the early days of link building.

James is a veteran link builder and a fount of knowledge. James will provide awesome, actionable tips for link prospecting, link outreach, and tools to do the job.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Garrett French and James Wirth. We’ll talk about why links remain such an important ranking signal after all these years, we’ll chat a little about Garrett’s tool ZipSprout, and we’ll talk a little about a legendary sushi dinner in Seattle.