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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is my friend and colleague Greg Gifford, Vice President of Search at SearchLab.

Greg is a veteran digital marketer and one of the most recognizable speakers in the industry. It’s hard to think of a conference he hasn’t spoken at. He’s well known in the SEO community presenting at conferences like MozCon, SMX, Pubcon, and UnGagged.

He’s a popular speaker within the automotive industry presenting at conferences like NADA, Digital Dealer, and Internet Battle Plan. AND he is a rock star overseas at conferences like Brighton SEO, SearchLove London, InOrbit, and Learn Inbound.

Greg is well known for his fast paced, often profane, movie themed presentations. In a one hour presentation, Greg may rifle through more than a hundred beautifully designed slides… oh, and there are never any bullet points. As Greg sees it, bullet points kill kittens.

He is also the host of the weekly video series Local Search Tuesdays. Each week Greg packs a ton of valuable information into a short and highly entertaining video segments. From time to time, he’ll change it up and have special guest appearances from a conference he’s attending or he’ll even publish a full conference presentation. Local Search Tuesdays is must watch content in the Local SEO world.

Rather than cover topics you’d find on his show, I wanted to take our conversation in a slightly different direction. I’ve watched closely as Greg has overhauled SearchLab’s internal processes and procedures to allow our agency to scale quickly. At Brighton SEO this Spring, Greg gave away all his secrets to running an agency. I’ll start our conversation asking Greg about how to manage and build an SEO department.

Greg is also frequently mentioned on this show with his “No Context” questions. Greg will give me a word or two to ask our guests but no additional details. Now that Greg is being interviewed I’m going to try out a few no context questions of my own.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Greg Gifford. We’ll talk about why he said, doing digital marketing is easy but running an agency is hard, we’ll chat about conference presenting broadly and what makes a good presentation, and I’ll ask him where to get the best steak in America.