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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Brett Tabke, the Founder and CEO of Pubcon, one of the most important conference series in search marketing.

Brett has been involved in the computer and technology industry for over 30 years. He started a software company for commodore computers back in 1984. Throughout his career Brett has displayed an amazing ability to build communities and educational opportunities around topics related to the internet.

Brett founded the Webmaster World forum in the late 90s. Webmaster World was a place where SEOs went to learn about ranking websites in search engines before it was even called SEO and before Google was the dominant search engine.

The popularity of the Webmaster World forum led directly to Brett starting Pubcon. Pubcon, which started in a literal Pub in London back in 2000, has grown massively. For the past 20 years, the very best presenters in the industry have appeared at conferences in Florida, Las Vegas, Austin.

Brett was awarded the 2016 Lifetime Achievement award at the US Search Awards for all his contributions to the industry.

This has been an interesting year for conferences to put it mildly. Pubcon, like everyone else, had to take their conferences virtual and adapt to life during the pandemic. Vaccines are rolling out now and a return to in-person conferences is imminent. I start our conversation asking Brett about the recent past, present, and future of Pubcon.

Join me for a conversation with Brett Tabke, one of the really good guys in our industry. I’ll ask him what makes a conference presentation great and why some presenters crash and burn, we’ll reflect on 20 years of hosting Pubcon, and make sure to stick around to hear Brett’s all-time favorite Pubcon memory.