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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is George Nenni. George is the Founder of Generations Digital, a digital marketing consultancy for auto dealerships.

George has over 3 decades of experience helping automotive dealerships overcome an array of digital marketing challenges. He is the author of two essential books. His first is titled, A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google My Business which explores all the unique opportunities for car dealerships within Google My Business. Just before this episode launched, George released his second book, A Car Dealer’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

George is an in-demand speaker and presenter at industry conferences like Digital Dealer, JD Power Roundtable, Internet Battle Plan, Innovative Dealer Summit, and many, many other places.

He has his very own Google Analytics certification program called Generations Digital U. We’ll talk a little bit about his course which is designed for auto dealers and their marketing teams.

Generations Digital is brought in by automotive dealerships to evaluate their digital marketing vendors. George and his team specialize in identifying wasted spend by analyzing Google Analytics and scrutinizing media spend primarily on Google and Facebook. George and his team function like white blood cells fighting off wasted ad spend from a dealer’s marketing budget.

George is also passionate about Google My Business and the potential for dealerships to utilize this free program from Google to improve the bottom line of every department in their store. I’m going to spend some of our conversation discussing the missed opportunities auto dealerships experience how they could use the awesome power of GMB to sell more cars.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with one of the top automotive digital marketers in the world. We’ll talk about what keeps him excited about automotive after 30 years, what unique challenges auto dealerships face on GMB, and I’ll ask him a few questions about his popular chrome extension GMB Spy.