Is your department GMB showing up instead of your main GMB? Here’s how to fix it

In this week’s video, I’m sharing a quick tip that will help all the dealerships out there who have their department listings showing up in Google searches for the dealership name. There’s a bug in Google that causes the wrong Google My Business listing to show up, which is obviously bad for business… And I’m sharing the quick solution to help you fix the problem yourself!

The details about Google’s new automotive study

In this week’s video, I share the details about the new Think With Google report that was released last week about the effects of COVID on the automotive industry. Even if you’re not a car dealer, the shift in browsing and buying habits applies to pretty much everyone. Check out the video to see how the coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way that people shop online.

You have to own your own back yard

In this week’s video, I share a tip that answers one of the most common questions I hear at conferences all over the world: “How do I show up in searches in the bigger city that’s nearby?” The big problem with that question is that most of the time, the business that wants more exposure doesn’t even show up well in their own city. Watch the video to learn how to know when it’s time to try to expand your reach.

Using UTM tracking in Google My Business

In this week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays, I share a tip for using UTM tracking on your website link in Google My Business. Lots of mobile search traffic gets attributed as “direct” traffic in Google Analytics, so using UTM tracking on your website link forces Analytics to report the traffic correctly. You’ll also be able to track true organic clicks separately from clicks to your GMB profile, clicks on the map pack, and clicks on Google Maps.