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My guest today is Heather Physioc, the remarkably interesting Group Connections Director at VMLY&R. Heather is the leader of an award-winning 40-person Discoverability Group. If you don’t know what a discoverability group is, you’re not alone. I’m going to ask her about it early on in our discussion.

Heather is an in-demand speaker who’s presented at virtually every major conference in our industry. A shortlist of the places you might have heard her present includes MozCon, Brighton, SearchLove, and PubCon.

In an industry that is very technical, Heather frequently presents on topics about the human side of actually doing our job. This is the tough work of earning trust with clients, building relationships with teammates, and fostering genuine collaboration.

For example, at most agencies, there is a department for SEO and a department for PPC, and so on. One of the things Heather’s team is well-known for is taking an interdisciplinary approach to search marketing. We’re going to talk about how her integrated teams have created value for clients by un-siloing paid search, SEO, and performance writing.

She is also is a knowledgeable beer drinker. It was her idea for us to drink some delicious beers from boulevard brewing based in her hometown of Kansas City.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Heather Physioc about client stewardship, what it takes to be a good teammate and our mutual love for dogs.