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Our guest on this weeks episode of Suds & Search is Stacey Bargar, Partner Manager at Microsoft.

Stacey is a veteran digital marketer with over seventeen years of experience. Prior to joining Microsoft, Stacey held several senior marketing positions. She has experience working in many verticals including automotive, healthcare, travel, home improvement, home goods, and retail.

In her role at Microsoft, Stacey offers a suite of solutions to Microsoft Advertising partners. SearchLab is a proud partner in the program and we can personally speak to the value we’ve received from working with Stacey and her peers.

What are some of the value props of working with Microsoft Advertising?

Does Stacey have any advice for Microsoft Advertising skeptics?

How are Microsoft Audience Ads helping advertisers generate massive return on ad spend?

We’re going to ask her these questions and many more.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Stacey Bargar. We’ll talk about Microsoft’s investments into AI, we’ll talk a little bit about vertical specific ad formats, and we’ll ask Stacey about Microsoft’s partnership with Netflix.