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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Noah Learner, Vice President of Product at Two Octobers and Founder of Branch Tools.

Throughout the past couple of years, Noah has been one of the most extraordinary digital marketers to follow. He’s ubiquitous on the conference circuit, he’s a must-follow on social media, and most importantly he’s been creating some of the best tools for SEO we’ve ever seen.

Despite all of his success, Noah remains one of the most humble and enjoyable conversation partners we’ve had the pleasure of talking to. He’s always working and always generous with his time and contributions to our industry.

We caught up with Noah after a whirlwind summer. He spoke at Mozcon, SearchLove, and LocalU. He’s got a super successful clubhouse room. We’re going to start our conversation by asking him about his summer and dive into some questions about his Mozcon presentation.

The presentation is about the Two Octobers Method for building content.

How is Noah using tools and automation to collect data at scale?

How do we curate the data so that we can take meaningful action?

What about the clients and their goals and expectations?

We’re going to ask Noah those questions and more.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Noah Learner. We’ll chat about a tool he created that is an SEO strategists dream, we’ll talk about why you should think in terms of topics not keywords, and we’re going to ask Noah about his unrivaled passion for this industry.