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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Dr. Marie Haynes, Owner of Marie Haynes Consulting.

Marie is one of the top SEO personalities in the world, and hosts the extremely impressive podcast Search News You Can Use.

She’s written for every major industry publication we can think of including Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and many other places. She’s also a must-follow on twitter at @Marie_Haynes.

We’re going to start our conversation talking about her podcast which had over 166 episodes at the time we spoke. Marie interviews some of the top personalities in the industry but often times she speaks into the microphone about a topic by herself without anyone asking her a question for upwards of 40 minutes. It’s like a conference presentation that comes out every week, and the content is always superb.

Marie is one the foremost experts on algorithm changes. Whenever Google makes a significant change to how they are indexing and ranking websites, SEOs from around the world look to experts like Marie to understand what just happened. We’ll nerd out a little bit with her about algorithm changes past, present, and future.

We first remember learning about Marie Haynes during the penguin update, which was arguably the most significant algorithm change in history impacting about 3% of all searches. It’s been a full decade since that update, and we’re going to discuss how Penguin changed the industry forever.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Dr. Marie Haynes. We’ll chat about the three specific services she offers at Marie Haynes consulting, and the quality raters guidelines – which she literally wrote the book on – and we’ll spend a little time asking her about Wham and Fortnite.

To connect with Marie Haynes or to learn more, find her on Twitter at @Marie_Haynes.