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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Kane Jamison, Founder at Content Harmony. Kane is a veteran digital marketer, conference speaker, and blogger. He is sought after for his expertise in content marketing. Kane has spoken at MozCon, Engage, State of Search, LaunchCon, and many other places.

I really like the value prop for his company Content Harmony.

Content Harmony started as an agency in 2012 and worked with nearly 200 clients on content writing and SEO. Over time, Kane realized that a major differentiator for their agency was the quality of content briefs.

Kane fundamentally shifted from an agency model and created software and workflows for agencies and writers to create content briefs.

In my experience, creating content briefs is an important but often rushed process that can make or break a successful content marketing campaign. Content Harmony helps agencies and writers streamline the process of making content briefs with workflows and automation.

The tool they’ve created has an almost hilarious number of testimonials from a who’s who of the top SEOs in the industry.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with content marketing expert, Kane Jamison. We’ll talk about what pain points his content brief software alleviates, we’ll chat a little bit about his passion project Insteading, and we’ll talk about the famous MozCon pre-parties that Kane helped organize.