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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is John Lee, Head of Evangelism at Microsoft Advertising.

John is an in-demand speaker, blogger, and content creator on topics related to paid search and paid social. A shortlist of the places you might have heard John present includes Heroconf, State of Search, SMX, and SMX Advanced.

John is an industry veteran. Before joining Microsoft, he worked at several of the top brands in PPC including Wordstream, Hanapan Marketing, and as the co-owner of Clix Marketing.

He’s a really excellent blogger. If you enjoy this episode, I suggest you check out his column over at Search Engine Journal. He was also instrumental in the creation of the popular blog PPCHero.

Earlier this year, Microsoft advertising announced an exciting new ad format for automotive dealers. I start our conversation asking John all about automotive ads, the importance of automotive ads feeds, and he’ll share a few success cases.

It’s also an interesting time in PPC generally. Not only are we coming out of a pandemic but we’re entering a cookieless world with competing pressures on search engines for more privacy and more personalization in ads. John is a perfect guest to help us better understand this what’s coming next.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with John Lee. We’ll talk about planning for the post pandemic world, the role of automation and humans in PPC, and we’ll do a little Microsoft Ads mythbusting towards the end.