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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Aleyda Solis, founder at Orainti. Aleyda was awarded the 2018 European Search Personality of the Year at the European Search Awards.

Aleyda is a popular conference presenter and frequent keynoter. She has presented at over 100 conferences in 20 countries presenting in both English and Spanish. For my money, she is one of my favorite presenters in the industry. You may have heard her present at SMX, MozCon, Pubcon, Women in Tech SEO, and Brighton SEO as well as many, many other places.

Aleyda is the creator of the popular newsletter SEOfomo. When she launched it, SEOFomo took the SEO industry by storm. I’ll ask Aleyda a little about the Newsletter during our conversation.

She is the host of the popular video series Crawling Mondays. The series has amassed an impressive subscriber total and features conversations between Aleyda and some of the top SEOs in the world.

She is also the creator of an SEO learning roadmap with the best videos, blog posts and online training courses for different topics in SEO. As you would expect with anything from Aleyda, it’s extremely comprehensive.

Aleyda has a wide breadth of expertise but one of the topics I learned from her was international SEO. Whenever a website is appealing to audiences in several different countries speaking different languages, it presents numerous challenges from an SEO perspective. Aleyda has become the world’s leading expert on international SEO and I start our conversation asking her a few questions about it.

Join me for a conversation with Aleyda Solis, one of the leading SEO experts in the world. We’ll chat about future-proofing your international SEO, tips and suggestions for video SEO she learned producing Crawling Mondays, and I’ll ask her a little bit about starting the hottest newsletter in SEO.