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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is Paula Keller French, Director of Sales and Marketing at Search Influence, a digital marketing agency located in New Orleans. Paula started at Search Influence in 2009 on the then-9 person team. Today, the team at Search Influence has grown considerably expanding on their SEO and PPC services to offer clients ROI-focused funnel-funnel marketing strategies with a particular focus on higher ed institutions as well as the medical and tourism industries.

Paula is a popular conference speaker, blogger, and trainer. A shortlist of the conferences you might’ve heard her speak at includes MozCon local, Local U, Pubcon, State of Search, and Engage. She’s also led training sessions at her alma mater LSU.

Periodically, Apple released updates to their operating system. There are many reasons for these updates and generally speaking, the updates are totally benign. It’s not a big deal for digital marketers or iPhone users who make up around 47% of the cell phone users in the U.S.

Apple’s next update called iOS 14 has a little bit more going on. For the first time, iPhone users will select to either opt in or opt out of sharing their data with the social media behemoth. Paula and the team at Search Influence are working to prepare their clients for the update.

We’re going to spend a lot of our conversation talking about IOS 14 and diving into a blog post written on the Search Influence site about “Four Steps to Prepare for Apple iOS 14’s Impact on Your Facebook Ads”.

Grab something cold to drink for a conversation with Paula Keller French. We’ll have a wide ranging conversation about how advertisers adapt to new privacy policies, I’ll ask a few questions about a post she wrote highlighting medical industry trends, and she’ll talk a little about why it’s important to talk with your hands.