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My guest on this episode of Suds and Search is Anders Hjorth. Anders is a veteran digital marketer and the founder of Innovell, a company that provides Digital Marketing Insights based on in-depth research. Anders is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple digital marketing agencies. In 2016, his agency BDBL was acquired by Accenture.

Anders appears on PPC Hero’s list of the top 25 influencers in the world. He is a regular presenter at conferences all over the world including HeroConf London, inOrbit, SMX Advanced Europe, and the International Search Summit in Barcelona.

He’s served as a judge at numerous industry award shows including the UK Social Media Awards, European Content Awards, and the Grand Prix du Search.

Nowadays, Anders along with a few collaborators create research papers which are far more rigorous and require far more research than the typical content you see in our industry. I’m going to be speaking to Anders about a recent study he’s done titled, “Digital Marketing in a VUCA World.”

To prepare the study, Anders interviewed the top experts in search. Full disclosure, SearchLab’s Director of Paid Media, Mark Irvine was a contributor. Ordinarily, these reports would cost 250 euros but as of this publication, there is a sponsor giving away free copies. Move quickly to get yours before time runs out.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation about data with Anders Hjorth. We’ll discuss a concept he refers to as data bubbles, a new approach to evaluating data that he calls data realism, and why savvy marketers aren’t fighting automation.