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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is the incomparable, Wil Reynolds. Wil is the Founder and Vice President of Innovation at Seer Interactive, a 150 person digital marketing agency specializing in using Big Data to improve SEO and Paid media campaigns.

No offense to any of my other guests, but Wil has been my favorite presenter in SEO for many years now. He’s dynamic on stage while packing in tons of useful tips.

He has a unique ability to talk about topics that are really technical and then pivot to topics that are really human while being really engaging the entire time.

Many of Wil’s talks in recent years have been about his passion for big data. He had an epiphany a few years ago when a teammate at Seer challenged him to a keyword research competition. Since then, he’s been able to find incredible opportunities for his clients that are entirely overlooked by most SEOs. He’s also found ways to save paid search clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted spend. I’m going to start our conversation talking about big data and how SEER uses it to get an advantage.

Wil is currently raising money for his annual sleep out supporting the Covenant House. Wil sleeps on the street to raise money for homeless youth in his native Philadelphia. His goal is to raise $25,000 this year. I’m going to ask him all about it during our conversation. Check the show notes for ways that you can contribute.

Grab your favorite beverage and join me for a conversation with one of the real leaders in SEO. We’re going to talk about how to cut waste out of your paid campaigns by using big data, why it’s important to do RCS, and we’ll talk about the time he swapped CEO roles with Rand Fishkin.