In this week’s episode, I explain how to add additional hours to your Google My Business listing for modified services such as curbside pickup, delivery, or senior hours. If you offer additional services, the “more hours” feature lets you display different hours of operation on your GMB profile to attract more customers. Watch and learn how easy it is to add to your listing!


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays! And Happy New Year! This week, I’m sharing a quick tip about the new additional hours feature in Google My Business.

The new “more hours” feature was released to address new customer needs during the COVID lockdown. Many local businesses had different hours for curbside pickup, delivery, senior shopping hours, and other new operational procedures that were the result of nationwide restrictions.

Usually, Google displays a little down arrow next to your hours in your Google My Business listing. When you click the arrow, it expands to show your hours of operation for every day of the week.

When you fill out the “more hours” feature, Google displays a “more hours” link instead of the arrow, and when you click the link, a popup appears that shows the hours of operation for every day of the week AND a list of hours for the various elements you filled out in GMB. You can then click the down arrow by each element to see the hours of operation for every day of the week for that specific service.

So here’s how to set it up. Go to to log into your GMB dashboard. Click the info link on the left. Directly under your standard hours, you’ll see a “more hours” section with a blue icon of a clock with a plus sign on it.

Click the pencil icon to enter hours, and a popup appears that displays the various options for “more hours” – Access, Brunch, Delivery, Drive through, Happy Hours, Kitchen, Online Service Hours, Pickup, Senior Hours, and Takeout.

Click the plus sign next to the additional service you want to add. Use the switch to mark which days you’re open and type in your opening and closing times. Click continue when you’re done, and you’ll see it added to the bottom of the popup. You can click additional services and enter hours if they apply.

When you’re done, click “apply” – the updates usually publish pretty quickly, but be prepared to wait a day or two if it takes longer.

Now your GMB listing will display the additional hours that adjusted services are available, making it more likely to attract local customers who are looking for businesses with those services.

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