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My guest today is Upasna Gautam, Product Manager at CNN. Upasna is a leading expert on publisher SEO. Publisher SEO is a really interesting niche that focuses on publisher sites, which produce a mind-boggling amount of content. Imagine being responsible for ranking hundreds of thousands if not millions of existing pages in Google while creating workflows so that a breaking news network like CNN could add thousands of pages every day that are also optimized for Search Engines. That is the very challenging work publisher SEOs do every day.

Upasna is an in-demand speaker who’s presented at major SEO conferences including SMX, Pubcon, Inbound, State of Search, and many more.

She grew up in my home state of Michigan and went to my alma mater, Michigan State. We’ll talk a little bit talking about her journey from being a biomedical sciences student in Michigan to a marketer now residing in Texas.

I highly recommend that you check out Upasna’s Ted Talk titled Optimizing for the Next Billion. The talk is about how voice search impacts third world countries. She introduced me to a concept known as Internet Saathi. We’re going to talk a little bit about her talk as well as voice search more broadly.

Recently, Upasna offered a free virtual workshop for women in tech interested in presenting at conferences. The response was so positive that she opened up a second workshop. That also completely filled up. I recommend that anyone interested follow her on Twitter for future updates.

Join me for a talk about publisher SEO, building information architecture, voice search, and where to get good late-night food in East Lansing.