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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Joel Headley, co-founder of Leadferno and VP of Product Management at Forsta/Rio SEO.

Joel is an industry veteran who has worked in various roles related to product management and local search. He is a frequent conference presenter and a must-follow on social media. He’s also a super nice guy who’s a lot of fun to be with.

It’s not often that we have a scoop at Suds & Search, but we chatted with Joel just days after it was announced that he’d be joining the team at Rio SEO. We’ll start our conversation by asking him about the career change and what made him jump at the opportunity.

We’re also going to spend some time learning about Product Management. Joel has a unique ability to bring successful products into existence. Until last spring, Joel was the Director of Product at PatientPop which was a massive success. Stay tuned to learn more about it.

Grab something cold to drink at join us for a conversation with Joel Headley. We’re going to chat about how his experience working at Google informs his work today, we’ll spend a little time chatting about Leadferno – which is our favorite text messaging app – and we’re going to ask Joel why he is still excited about working in the SMB space after all these years.