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On this week’s episode of Suds & Search, the tables have turned. Greg Gifford rejoins the broadcast but not as a guest.

On this episode, Greg is going to ask the questions and Mark is going to answer them.

We’ll dive into how SearchLab got started, he’ll tell some stories about how we assembled a killer leadership team, and you’ll learn a little bit about what he does when he’s not hosting a podcast.

This is a big episode for another reason.

Suds & Search started out being broadcast from the pubs and tap rooms of Chicago. After two years and more than 100 episodes of filming the show over video calls, this is our first show back in-person.

One of our favorite breweries in Chicago, Old Irving Brewing Co., was kind enough to open their doors to us.

It was incredibly exciting to be back in person and, for Mark, a little bit terrifying to be the interviewee.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a special episode of Suds & Search. Mark will answer questions about why having kids made him a better marketer and entrepreneur, he’ll spend a little time talking about our first appearance on the Inc 5000 list, and he’ll tell the story of how he met Greg for the first time.