Dane Saville Joins SearchLab as Director of SEO

SearchLab has completed an extensive search for our new Director of SEO, and we are excited to announce that Dane Saville has joined our team as SearchLab’s new Director of SEO!

Dane has over a decade of digital marketing experience, holding several leadership positions before joining SearchLab. As Director of SEO, Dane will set the strategic vision for our SEO department and help shepherd the department through a period of rapid growth.

He is a really talented podcaster and frequent podcast guest. We first met Dane when he was an (excellent) guest on Suds & Search. You can check out his series, KPI Café, which is available on all your favorite podcatchers.

Dane is also an in-demand conference presenter who is sought out for his expertise in automotive digital marketing. This Fall, he’ll be speaking at Digital Dealer Las Vegas. As he settles into the role, Dane will have more speaking gigs and continue to develop his personal brand.

Dane’s background is in automotive digital marketing, but he’s excited about the opportunity to join SearchLab and venture into new verticals. The addition of a leader with a deep understanding of the automotive industry coupled with a strong desire to spearhead growth into new verticals makes Dane a killer choice to lead this department.
His professional accomplishments are considerable, but he brings far more to the table with his personal traits. Dane is a charismatic leader with a captivating personality. He is engaging and thoughtful. To meet him is to like him.
We’re confident that he’ll provide a deep understanding of SEO and a leadership style that fits well with our existing team and helps amplify our core values.

We feel very fortunate to welcome a respected leader like Dane onto the team. With Dane in charge of our SEO division, SearchLab is well-positioned for success now and into the future.