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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Brad Paschal, National Sales Director at Fixed Ops Digital.

Brad is one of the most exciting personalities in automotive digital marketing. He hosts the popular weekly video series “Tactical Tips Tuesday.”

Brad has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years and held important positions both in dealerships and on the vendor side. Brad and the team from Fixed Ops Digital are fixtures at all of the most important automotive conferences. He’s a born problem solver and a legitimately generous person.

We’re going to start our conversation talking about how to do marketing for a fixed ops department in a dealership. Don’t know what fixed ops means? Stay tuned because even if you aren’t working in automotive, there’s a valuable lesson about niching down to gain expertise.

Grab something cold to drink about join us for a conversation with Brad Paschal. We’ll talk about this year’s NADA conference, we’ll talk a little about the chip shortage, and Brad will tell us what most auto dealerships are doing wrong marketing their service stations.