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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is Jim Ziegler, owner of the Ziegler SuperSystems and a legend in the automotive industry. For over 44 years, Jim has contributed his talents as a writer, magazine columnist, professional speaker, and turnaround artist at some of the biggest auto dealerships in the United States.

Jim has spent a lifetime learning everything about the auto dealer business. He has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide and more than 100,000 Dealers, managers, and factory executives have attended Jim’s popular automobile dealer management seminars. Traveling more than 200 days a year, the man has physically worked in more than 1000 showrooms in no less than 200 cities in 49 states. (hasn’t made it to Alaska yet)

He is the host of the popular virtual training series Alpha Dawg On Demand. At the time this episode is airing, he has created over 160 training videos to assist retail automotive dealerships with everything from running their operations, marketing their dealerships, training their sales staff, and managing their finances.

Jim started his consulting business in 1986. Over the course of his career, the web has fundamentally changed the way that dealers have had to approach every facet of their business. Jim has masterfully evolved with the changes to the industry. He is the host of one of the most important conferences in automotive – Internet Battle Plan. He is a frequent keynote speaker at major conferences like NADA, Digital Dealer, and JD Power Roundtable. He is perhaps the most well-read columnist in auto. Perhaps what fascinated me most was the massive social media following he has attracted. Wait until you hear about his super exclusive, super impactful Facebook group only for dealers.

Join me for a conversation with the Alpha Dawg, Jim Ziegler. We’re going to talk about how the industry has changed and how it hasn’t over time, I’ll ask him what keeps him excited about working with auto dealerships after all these years, and I’ll talk to him about what happens when Jim Ziegler goes to a dealership to buy a new car.