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My guest on our last episode of Suds & Search for 2020 is Justin Sanger. Justin is the Chief Revenue Officer and Equity Investor at OMG National. For over two decades, Justin has been a pioneer in small business digital marketing.

He founded LocalLaunch back in 2003. LocalLaunch offered Paid Search, SEO, and landing page optimization services way back in the early 2000s just as Google was emerging as the leading advertising channel for SMBs. LocalLaunch was acquired by RH Donnelley in 2006.

I started my career at LocalLaunch shortly after the acquisition. It was a great place to get started. You’ll find LocalLaunch alums like me at agencies all over Chicago and beyond.

I witnessed in those early days, that Justin really understood the unique challenges small businesses face when trying to promote their products or services. I’m going to start our conversation by talking about the problems small businesses face today. In short, Justin believes they’re being sold the wrong products.

Justin was remarkably prescient about the shift of marketing dollars from print marketing to digital in the early 2000s. Today, he believes another shift is beginning to occur. Justin is all-in on Local Service Ads, or LSAs for short. LSAs are a very disruptive new form of advertising that gives small businesses a Google Guaranteed badge. The ad sticks at the very top of the search engine results page. I’m going to ask Justin all about LSAs and the ways that small businesses can use them to their advantage.

Join me for a conversation with Justin Sanger a true trailblazer in local search and social. I couldn’t think of a better guest to help us close out the year. We’re going to talk all about small business marketing, why LSAs represent a massive opportunity, and we’ll chat a little about Pittsburgh Steelers fandom.