Shoes of MozCon action shot from 2019So somehow, the “Shoes of MozCon” has become a tradition. I started off as a goofy thing to do on Twitter with my friend Bryant, and now it’s something everyone expects, and maybe even looks forward to (and this year, we even got shoe companies hitting us with ads on the hashtag). With COVID causing the conference to go virtual this year, it took a lot more work to make it happen. Special shout out to Hayley Bowyer, who helped me get all the speakers to send in photos.

So once again, here’s the MozCon recap post that you never knew you needed in your life… The Shoes of MozCon Virtual 2020!


Once again, we were guided through our conference experience by two fabulous emcees Cyrus Shepard and
Britney Muller. As
always, they were the perfect hosts.

Shoes of MozCon - Cyrus
Shoes of MozCon - Britney

MozCon 2020 – Day One

Shoes of MozCon - Sarah

Sarah Bird

CEO – Moz


Last year Sarah kicked things off on a pegleg and spend the rest of the conference on a scooter, thanks to
her recent ankle surgery. This year she rocked a bad ass scar for her inspiring intro session.

Download her slides here:


Shoes of MozCon - Andy

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder & CEO – Orbit Media


Andy rocked his trademark white slides (and shared a photo of part of his collection) for his presentation
on thought leadership in teh SEO industry.

Download his slides here:


Shoes of MozCon - Shannon

Shannon McGuirk

Head of PR & Content – Aira


Shannon rocked comfy kicks in the grass with her dog and blew everyone away with her presentation on the
truth about digital PR campaigns.

Download her slides here:

Shoes of MozCon - Robin

Robin Lord

Senior Consultant – Distilled/Brainlabs


Robin kept it casual with some old-school Etnies for his presentation on getting brand awareness from

Download his slides here:

Phil Nottingham

Brand & Marketing Strategist – Wistia


Phil kicked back in some classic Western boots for his presentation on building a global brand without a
global budget.

Download his slides here:

Alexis Sanders

Senior SEO Manager – Merkle


Alexis went the fancy route with her shoes, and she slayed her presentation on the science of seeking your

Download her slides here:

Pete Meyers

Marketing Scientist – Moz


Dr. Pete went for comfort with some Saucony socks – and blew everyone’s mind for wearing a COLLARED SHIRT!

Download his slides here:

Rob Ousbey

VP Product – Moz


Rob didn’t get me a shoe photo, so I’m using his attempt at getting #socksofmozcon going at last year’s
conference. (and woah, he’s got a beard now!) In my opinion, his was one of the most incredible presentations

Download his slides here:

Francine Rodriguez

Customer Success Manager – WordStream


Continuing the causal trend, Francine rocked this pair with added flair… and her presentation on embracing
automation had Twitter in a frenzy!

Download her slides here:

Ross Simmonds

CEO – Foundation


Is it really that surprising that the dude with “The Coolest Cool” as a Twitter handle wore some old school
Reebok Pumps? Even though he was suspender-less this year, he still destroyed the stage for the last
presentation of the day.

Download his slides here:

MozCon 2020 – Day Two

Shoes of MozCon - Britney

Britney Muller

Senior SEO Scientist – Moz


There are baby birds under the deck in her shoe photo! Also, she pretty much melted everyone’s brains with her presentation on accessible machine learning workflows.

Download her slides here:

Izzi Smith

Technical SEO Analyst – Ryte


While many of the speakers went casual with their shoe choices, Izzi was the only one to rock some comfy slippers. Plus, she destroyed her session, you’ll definitely want to check out the slides…

Download her slides here:

Flavilla Fongang

Managing Director – 3 Colours Rule


Flavilla went the polar opposite of comfy, but won the (totally imaginary) trophy for fanciest shoes at MozCon this year. You know her session was awesome because Twitter went absolutely nuts.

Download her slides here:

Brian Dean

Founder – Backlinko


I thought I wasn’t gonna get a shoe pic from Brian, but he shot one over just under the buzzer. He rocked some classic Birkenstocks (on his hands for some reason?). You’ll definitely want to study his Star Wars-themed slides on content promotion.

Download his slides here:

Joy Hawkins

Owner/President – Sterling Sky


The Queen of Local SEO (aka “Joy the Destroyer”) took it easy with some simple socks. Her presentation about bad data from Search Console had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Download her slides here:

Mike King

Managing Director – iPullRank


Forget the awesome sneakers. Mike absolutely blew everyone away with his 30 minute MOVIE presentation – a completely different conference presentation experience that raised the bar to impossible heights…

Watch the movie here:

David Sottimano

Director – David Sottimano Search Consulting


David sent his photo in the day before he presented so he could share the most epic Shoes of Mozcon photo of the year. He’s in Colombia, building bamboo houses in the jungle… And his presentation on everyday marketing automation absolutely rocked.

Download his slides here:

Dana DiTomaso

President/Partner – Kick Point


Dana rocked some leather low-tops and shared an absolutely unbelievable presentation about making your client discovery process better. Plus, she’s always got some of the best looking slides in the game.

Download her slides here:

Heather Physioc

Group Connections Director, Discoverability – VMLY&R


Heather managed to get a shoe photo that showed off her tattoos and her dog – and she shared an incredibly actionable presentation on having a competitive advantage in a commoditized industry.

Download her slides here:

Russ Jones

Principal Search Scientist – Moz


Russ won this year’s (not really real) award for brightest shoelaces and rocked attendees with his detailed presentation about how to keep your consultancy or agency profitable.

Download his slides here:

Wil Reynolds

Founder & VP Innovation – Seer Interactive


Wil sent me a series of unboxing photos for his entry to Shoes of MozCon, so I created a sweet animated gif to show them all. He closed out the day with a mind-blowing presentation about connecting with the c-suite to make ourselves more valuable.

Download his slides here:

That’s it for MozCon 2020 – hopefully we’re able to get together in person again next year – and I’ll see you all then!