In this week’s video, I share the details about Google’s newest automotive study titled “The auto dealer’s guide to navigating today’s digital landscape”. It shares several interesting stats about how buyer behavior has changed due to COVID and the resulting lockdowns and provides 4 tips to position your dealership for future success.


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, I’ve got some cool inf to share with auto dealers about a study that was just released by Google

Google does tons of studies every year, and they release major ones on the Think with Google platform. Just last week, they released a new automotive study called “The auto dealer’s guide to navigating today’s digital landscape”

It talks about how COVID changed customer behavior and accelerated trends like how they choose a dealership to buy from or even buying a car online. In the first 6 months of 2020, nearly 10% of all cars sold were sold online.

Some interesting stats from the study:

83% of car buyers spent up to three months doing research, but were ready to buy when they arrived at a dealership. This clearly shows that you can’t win customers at the store if you aren’t winning them first in online searches.

80% of new car buyers took action after watching a video – either an online search for more info, visiting a dealer’s website, building a vehicle online, or scheduling a test drive.

The study offers 4 key steps to position your dealership for future success:

Number one – Catch up on the latest trends impacting the automotive industry

Number two – maintain your momentum by aligning your ad spend strategy to the audiences most likely to convert to a car sale

Number three – grow your business by delivering the right message to the right shoppers

And number four – prepare for the future by leaning into automation and online retailing.

It’s clear that the key to success for today’s dealership is a robust digital strategy that focuses on visibility in Google search results – both SEO and paid search. You can read the full study at to check out all the details.

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