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Today’s guest is Mark Irvine. PPC Hero named Mark the #1 Most Influential PPC Expert of 2019. Microsoft Advertising named him the Influencer of the Year in 2019. I’m not sure if there’s a list of PPC experts he isn’t on.

Until very recently, Mark served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wordstream. At the time this episode is airing, Mark is pursuing new opportunities. If you’re hiring, reach out to him on Twitter before it’s too late.

He’s a well-known presenter and frequent keynote speaker at conferences all over the world. He presented at 17 conferences in 2019 alone including Pubcon, SMX Advanced, Hero Conf, and Wordstream Live.

Mark’s background is in data science and his writing is packed with data-driven research. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mark as well as the rest of the team at Wordstream, have done some amazing work. I’m going to ask him about the myriad ways that our traditional understanding of paid search is changing.

Mark joined me to drink some summer ales and talk about PPC research he recently completed. Plus we talk a bit about how to navigate the craziest year of our lives.