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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Jon Morris, CEO of Ramsay Innovations.

Jon was the founder of Rise Interactive and served as the company’s CEO from 2004-2020. Jon did it all Rise. He started the company after winning $10,000 from a business school competition, scaled the business to over 250 employees, and successfully exited.

Now Jon is onto his next venture, Ramsay Innovations. He is using what he learned from his time at Rise Interactive to help other upstart agencies solve a fundamental problem, their finances.

Simply put, the topic of financial management just doesn’t come up very often at conferences or on SEO Twitter. As a matter of fact, we’ve never had someone on the show to discuss agency finances before now. Jon argues that getting your financial house in order allows agency principals to be strategic in operating their business even if the principal’s goal isn’t massive growth.

How does Jon make finances exciting to creative agency people?

Why is it important to create a budget and forecast?

What reports are most important to understand?

We’re going to ask Jon these questions and more.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Jon Morris. We’ll talk about how marketing agencies spend too little on marketing, we’ll spend a little time talking about his excellent finance tips on LinkedIn, and Jon will explain why now is the time to be creating a budget for 2023.