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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Paul Shapiro, Head of Technical SEO, Growth Marketing Lead at Shopify.

Paul is one of the most respected SEOs in the industry. He is a “technical marketer,” an author, and a popular conference speaker. He has held senior SEO positions at numerous fortune 500 companies working to solve some of the most complex SEO issues imaginable.

He is the founder of the TechSEO Boost conference, which is the first conference completely dedicated to technical SEO. Paul has also spoken at numerous conferences you might be familiar with including Mozcon, SMX, Brighton SEO, and many others.

It’s a really exciting time for folks working in technical SEO. The work is more sophisticated than ever. There are interesting updates from Google that everyone is trying to understand. Paul has been there and done that in Technical SEO. I’m going to start our conversation by asking Paul about the current moment for Technical SEO and have him reflect on how we got here.

Some of the most exciting stuff happening in Technical SEO has to do with SEOs beginning to leverage Python programming. Paul was one of the very first people I can remember talking about Python programming even a few years ago. In this episode, we’ll ask him about how much that community has grown.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Paul Shapiro. We’ll talk about why looking at technical SEO as “ranking signal” is a flawed view, we’ll spend a little time talking about the work he is doing at Shopify, and we’ll ask Paul about board games and horror movies.

For more information or to contact Paul, you can find him on Twitter at @fighto, or reach out via the contact form at