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My guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Shannon McGuirk, Client Services & Delivery Director at Aira. Shannon is an in-demand speaker. She’s presented at MozCon, BrightonSEO, Learn Inbound, and the outREACH conference.

She is a frequent guest on webinars and podcasts. Shannon is considered one of the world’s leading experts on Digital PR and Link Building.

At this year’s MozCon, Shannon delivered one of my favorite presentations. The title of the presentation was “Lessons in Surviving the Covid News Agenda & What it Means for the Future of Digital PR”

As you probably know, most conference presentations are barely veiled sales pitches about everything an agency does well. Charts always go up when they’re talking about themselves and down whenever they’re talking about someone else.

In reality, the pandemic was challenging for many agencies. Aira lost 50% of their revenue early on. Shannon’s presentation gave the listener transparency into the challenges, stresses, and ultimately the ingenuity of the team at Aira.

I couldn’t wait to have Shannon on the show to discuss her MozVon talk. This discussion isn’t theoretical. Shannon tells us about the real-life challenges of being a leader at an award-winning digital marketing agency when things go sideways.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Shannon McGuirk. We’ll talk about her personal growth during the pandemic, what lessons she learned about doing digital PR when half of the journalists were furloughed, and I’ll spend a little time talking about leadership during a time of crisis.