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My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is Joe Laratro, President at Tandem Buzz, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Hollywood, Florida that specializes in SEO and PPC.

Joe’s agency recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. Tandem Buzz has received several accolades including winning the US Search Award for best small agency in 2018.

What I find most fascinating about Joe is that in addition to being an agency owner, he’s always doing a bunch of other things within the search industry. He is the lead moderator and serves on the board of the popular conference series Pubcon. He’s a Microsoft Certified Trainer and he teaches a course on digital marketing at the University of San Francisco. Joe is also the former president of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association.

I’m going to start our conversation talking about Pubcon and the myriad ways that the conference circuit has been upended during the COVID pandemic. We’ll discuss Pubcon’s newer approach to conferences focused on specific topics like e-commerce and local.

Joe’s agency works with small businesses that have recently become eligible for Local Service Ads, a newer ad format from Google that usually appears at the top of the SERP with a label saying “Google Guaranteed.” Joe and I talk a little bit about this opportunity for SMBs and I’ll also pick his brain on providing search marketing services for franchise businesses.

Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Joe Laratro. We talk all about agency life, whether or not virtual conferences are here to stay, and we’ll spend a little time talking about deep sea fishing.