Navah Hopkins is my guest on this episode of Suds & Search. She is the Director of Paid Media at Hennessey Digital. She’s a regular on PPC Hero’s list of The Top 25 Most Influential Experts.

Her writing is really exceptional. After this video, check out her column at Search Engine Journal. She’s also a dynamic and in-demand speaker who presents all over the world.

A short list of the conferences she’s presented at include SMX, PubCon, HeroConf, Advanced Search Summit, and State of Search. For a limited time, she’s offering free office hours. There’s a link in the intro to schedule a time to speak with her.

A self-described “PPC sith,” Navah loves nothing more than guiding people on a path to profit and victory.

During her appearance on Suds & Search, we tasted some local beers and talked about a range of PPC topics. She has a wealth of knowledge about Quality Score and the myriad ways Quality Score is misunderstood.

We talked about ad copy (the good and the bad). We talked a little bit about a new course on SEMrush about competitive analysis that I encourage everyone to check out. Selfishly, I wanted to know more about message mapping, a topic Navah knows really well.

Office Hours: (Sat 10 AM ET – 11 AM ET): click here to join

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Message Mapping Webinar: watch here
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