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Our guest on this week’s episode of Suds & Search is Andi Jarivs, Strategy Director at Eximo Marketing.

Andi is one of our favorite conference presenters. We filmed this conversation a few weeks before Andi keynote the Brighton SEO conference.

He hosts a really excellent podcast called Strategy Sessions. Andi frequently guest lectures at universities in Northern Ireland including his alma mater Ulster University.

He’s also a must follow on social media. If you’re not following him already check him out on Twitter at the handle, @andijarvis (Andi with an “i” at the end).

We have a lot of guests who are very good at a specific thing – link building, Facebook ads, or technical SEO. Andi is really good at something that’s a little more holistic. He’s a strategist.

Good tactics without a good strategy seldom workout well. A strategist’s expertise lies in their ability to humbly listen to the person paying the bills to make sure that tactics are aligned with goals and everyone involved in a project is rowing in the same direction.

We love marketing strategy and so it was a real treat to sit down with someone who has Andi’s level of expertise.

Grab something cold to drink and join us for a conversation with Andi Jarvis. We’ll talk about academically trained marketers vis-à-vis self-taught marketers, he’ll tell us a little bit about destination marketing, and we’ll see if we can get Andi to tell one of his famous dad jokes.