My guest today is Darren Shaw. Darren is a Local SEO Rockstar. It’s hard to find a roundup post about Local SEO where he isn’t a contributor. He oversees the Local Search Ranking Factors survey, a must-read in local SEO. He speaks all over the world on topics related to local search.

Darren’s the founder of Whitespark, a really awesome company offering local search software and services. SearchLab uses a lot of Whitespark tools, which I’m happy to disclose because I think Whitespark is awesome and I’m happy to recommend them.

The timing of Darren’s appearance coincided with Whitespark’s announcement that they were relaunching their new Local Citation Finder tool. We’ll spend a little bit of time talking about the tool itself and more time talking about citations.

For those who don’t work in Local SEO, a citation is a mention of your business on the web – think of Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Angie’s List as well known places to get a citation. The value of Citations in SEO has waxed and waned throughout the years which has caused them to be pretty misunderstood. It’s great to have an expert like Darren on to clear some things up. He joined me for a beer to talk about a variety of topics in Local SEO and to try out his new green screen.

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