In this week’s video, I share a simple tip that will help you write amazing content for your website. One simple question will help you rethink your content and help you create something that wows potential customers and rocks Google search results.


Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, we’re talking about website content again. I’ve got one quick question to share with you that will completely change how you think about and write your website content…

I’ve been blessed to be a popular speaker at conferences, so I’ve gotten to present at digital marketing and vertical-specific conferences all over the world. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to – a room full of SEOs, a room full of car dealers, a room full of lawyers, a room full of small business wonders – one of the things I like to do is ask the attendees

“How many of you think you should be #1 in Google?”

Every time I ask, all the hands in the room go up.

Digital marketers think they’re doing amazing work for their clients, so of course their sites should be number one. Business owners think they’re better than their competitors, so they think they should be number one.

The problem is – for any keyword phrase that’s entered into Google – there’s only one number one result.

I’ve talked in past videos about the signals that influence search visibility, but really quickly for the noobs out there, ultimately SEO comes down to proving that you’re the best answer for the question that’s being asked. At the most basic level, you’ve got to have awesome content, links from other sites pointing to your site, a well-optimized Google My Business listing, and great reviews from customers.

I’ve been talking about website content for the last few weeks because content is the foundation for all your other SEO efforts. If you don’t have awesome, relevant content, the other signals won’t matter.

You need unique content that lets the world know why you’re awesome. It needs to answer the question being asked, so it needs to be useful. It should prove that you’re the best local option, and that customers should clearly choose you.

Only – most websites out there have really awful content. There’s either not much content there, or it’s incredibly generic, or it doesn’t sound conversational.

I get it – it’s hard to know how to write awesome content that Google and customers will love. But the secret is – it’s not really that hard. You just need to ask yourself one simple question:

“Why do I deserve to be number one?”

When you can truly answer that question, writing amazing content is actually quite simple. Take some time and really think about what sets you apart from competitors.

Skip the boring crap that you see on every site. No one cares that you treat customers like family – that’s expected in today’s customer service-focused world. Car dealers will brag about their “no haggle pricing”. Lawyers will talk about free consultations.

These things don’t set you apart – they’re expected from today’s customers.

Think about the answer, and take off your marketer or business owner blinders. Think about what a potential customer or client would see when they see your home page for the very first time. Is it just a little bit of text that says the same boring crap as all the other competitors?

What about what they’d see if they landed on one of your internal pages – think about the questions that would be asked that you’d be a great answer for. Does the content on those pages really answer those questions for a first time visitor who has no idea who you are?

Think about why you’re the best – and why Google should display you as the top search result. The answer to that question makes it really easy to write awesome, relevant, compelling content.

That’s all the time we’ve got for this week, so you know it’s that time. Put your hand on the screen right here:
We totally just high fived cause you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for another episode of Local Search Tuesdays.