Tips for Building Awesome Local Links

In this week’s video, Greg shares some awesome tips for building powerful local links that Google’s local algorithm will love. Links have always been an incredibly weighted ranking factor, but Google’s local algorithm evaluates links differently from the traditional algorithm – which means you need to use different strategies and tactics to earn links. Check out this awesome list of strategies and tactics:

Google Business Profile Quick Tips & Tactics: How to Bury Bad Reviews

Customer reviews are incredibly important – they’re a major factor in the local algorithm, according to the LSRF, but more importantly, they’re a trust signal to humans. If you have more reviews and a better score than your local competitors, it’s likely that you’re going to get more customers.

Think about what you do when you shop on Amazon or check out other businesses. You start by glancing at the reviews as you click the filter or sort button, and then you look at either the best reviews or the worst reviews. That default sort is the kicker though – if you’re looking at a local business and one of those top reviews is a bad one, you’re definitely going to read it.

Just Released: 2023 Local Search Ranking Factors

Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays. This week, we’ve got something really exciting to share – the 2023 LSRF is here!

Every year, Darren Shaw and Whitespark conduct the Local Search Ranking Factors study – those of us in “the biz” lovingly refer to it as the LSRF. It’s basically the guide for what to do if you want to show up better in local searches. If you’re in Local SEO, get ready to get your mind blown… It’s been fifteen years since David Mihm did the first LSRF – way back in 2008!

Digital Marketing Tips: Pubcon Austin 2023

If you’ve been watching this series for long at all, you know Greg loves to grab speakers and friends at conferences to share quick tips. Since this was the first time he’s seen most of these people since 2020, there was no way he was going to miss the opportunity to grab as many people as he could and have them share something awesome.

Check out this week’s episode for the ridiculously awesome list of tips!

Greg’s SEO Presentation: Pubcon Austin

This week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays is a fun one – it’s Greg’s entire presentation on SEO reporting from Pubcon Austin last week… And it features his most badass title slide he’s ever created!

Conferences are finally coming back after the COVID break, so he popped down to Austin last week to speak at the first Pubcon we’ve had since 2020. If you’re in marketing or any position that provides reports to clients, you definitely need to check out this presentation. Or, just check it out for all the awesome horror movie references, we’re good either way. It’s a bit longer than usual, so get comfy and check it out!

Just Released: BrightLocal Consumer Review Study 2022

Customer reviews are obviously important when potential customers are deciding if they want to do business with you or not… But most people don’t realize that they’re heavily weighted in Google’s local algorithm as well.

BrightLocal just released a really cool report on consumer reviews, and it’s got some pretty cool stuff in it. If you do any sort of marketing at all, you should check the report out – but if you do Local SEO, it should be required reading.

Mean Tweets: NADA 2023 Edition

This week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays is a fun one – we’re keeping the tradition alive with NADA mean tweets!

This is the 8th year that Greg has done NADA mean tweets, although he started it nine years ago. Thanks to COVID, he had to skip a year. It’s based on Jimmy Kimmel’s bit where celebrities read mean tweets from random people, and it’s always one of our most popular videos.

So check out this week’s episode for another round of automotive experts at NADA reading mean tweets!

Six Best SEO-themed Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s Valentine’s Day today, so if you’ve been watching this series for any time at all, you know that means we’re doing a special Valentine’s Day episode…

You should know by now how much Greg loves to do special holiday-themed episodes – for years he’s been digging up the best SEO-themed Valentine’s day cards to share. He spent a lot of time this year since there really weren’t many new ones, and he wanted to share new ones he’s never mentioned before. Check out this week’s episode of Local Search Tuesdays for this year’s list of the six best SEO-themed Valentine’s Day cards in 2023!